Zen Flowers, Arrangements in Harmony

The Zen Flowers philosophy brings together Zen Buddhism, Flower Arrangement and the best of East and West to create living artwork that transcends cultural boundaries. The Zen Flowers flower arrangement style was introduced by Harumi Nishi (the principle of Zen Flowers) over a quarter of a century ago in Japan.

Our Zen Flowers book was published in London, New York and Paris in 2001. In 2008, our Japanese Flower Arranging book was published with a collection of innovative flower designs but the very latest flower arrangements are only available through our flower courses.

With Zen Flowers courses you will learn the essence of the Zen Flowers Style, the secret of creating flower designs with world appeal, the progression of harmony and the fulfilment natural creativity brings.

Please enjoy our site and we look forward to seeing you at one of our flower courses soon. Alternatively if you are looking to hire a Zen Flowers designer, please click here to confirm your designer is qualified and licensed to use the internationally registered Zen Flowers trademark to avoid disappointment on your special day.

Zen Flowers International Press

Zen Flowers flower arrangements cross national and cultural boundaries and have been featured in many books and magazines documenting our quarter of a century of creative history. In addition to our acclaimed English language publications Zen Flowers has books, magazines and TV features in French, German, Italian and, of course, in Japanese.

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The Zen Flowers Flower Courses