The Seasons e-Course

The Seasons Course is a distance flower course provided by Zen Flowers suitable for home flower arrangers.

::: What You'll Learn

Seasons instruction is provided through self-paced step-by-step guides delivered as electronic documents available only from this website.

The course is suitable for anyone from beginners to experienced home flower arrangers. Each Seasons Course is independent with different courses released on a seasonal basis.

An Seasons e-Course is a great way to prepare for the Japanese Flower Arrangement Course. So if you are thinking of booking one of our main courses, why not download a Seasons course first?

Please use the form below to get a Seasons e-Course booklet and begin your path to floral enlightenment today.

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Each season Zen Flowers releases a different Seasons Course on-line. This season's course is titled "Hoshi".

Hoshi means Star in Japanese and in this Zen Flowers® Zen Seasons™ lesson we will create a parallel design that symbolises the strength and beauty of natural growth.

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