Floral Art Course

The Zen Flowers Floral Art course uses a great quantity of seasonal fresh flowers and other natural materials to produce stunning works of flower art suitable for use as conversation pieces in International Conferences, Corporate Headquarters, Prestigious Hotels and Brand Shops.

::: What You'll Learn

Through the Floral Art course you will learn contrast, beauty and strength as you carry forward the unique Zen Flowers signature global appeal and open your heart to calmness and stability on your way to enlightenment.

Examples of the kind of designs you will learn at various levels can be found in our international Zen Flowers book and on this website. However many of the flower designs you will learn are unique and kept especially for the course.

The course is taught in 4 stages according to our Ki種・Sho芽・Ten花・Ketsu実™ philosophy. All students start at the Ki種 stage and each stage generally takes two and a half days.

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The Zen Flowers Floral Art Course includes tuition by Harumi Nishi (principle of Zen Flowers and author of the international Japanese Flower Arrangement book) in English. The course is a specialist course and is only run once a year with places are very limited and classes intentionally kept small.

The course consists of 10 unique Zen Flowers Art designs taught in 5 days per stage with stages costing from just US$3,950 each. This includes all tuition, flowers, materials and local sales taxes.

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Ki種・Sho芽・Ten花・Ketsu実 ™ by Zen Flowers

Each Zen Flowers main course follows our unique philosophy which was derived from the Zen Buddhist path of enlightenment by Harumi Nishi (a graduate of both the Shitennoji Buddhist University in Japan and of Chelsea College, London University of Art in the UK). Our four stage Ki種・Sho芽・Ten花・Ketsu実 philosophy is unique to Zen Flowers and designed to shelter and guide you through your growth as a flower designer.


Every student starts their journey at the Ki種 stage. This is where seeds begin to sprout fresh new life. With Ki種 your heart will settle and find its centre. You will discover a new perspective in flower arrangement while rejoicing in the traditional.


Sho芽 is where the sprouts of Ki種 grow into strong shoots that soon begin to bud. The buds of Sho芽 represent pure inspiration. In Sho芽 you will create a foundation of beauty, a beauty loved by all with a place and value everywhere.


Ten花 is where the buds of Sho芽 blossom into flowers. In Ten花 the closed ovals spread to form circles of harmonious light and you will deepen your knowledge, building on your ability until your work finds its harmony.


Ketsu実 is where the flowers of Ten花 bear fruit. The fruit ripens with the support of its parent until it is strong enough to bear life of its own. After Ketsu実 you will understand the fusion of East and West and be united with the flower.

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